More Evidence That the US and UK Knew Iraq Had No WMDs

Before the US launched it's attack on Iraq, despite the largest international anti-war demonstration in history, most people suspected that there were no WMD's (weapons of mass destruction) and that there was no connection to Al Queda. Now, 10 years after the war started we know a great deal more than we did. We know that it was poorly planned, we know that more than 50 countries were complicit in an 'extradition for torture' ring and that people high up in the US military were complicit in Iraq torture centers.

It is now becoming more and more clear that everyone in the U.S. and British governments was well aware that there were no WMD's. From today's Guardian:
"Fresh evidence is revealed today about how MI6 and the CIA were told through secret channels by Saddam Hussein's foreign minister and his head of intelligence that Iraq had no active weapons of mass destruction.

Tony Blair told parliament before the war that intelligence showed Iraq's nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons programme was "active", "growing" and "up and running".

A special BBC Panorama programme tonight will reveal how British and US intelligence agencies were informed by top sources months before the invasion that Iraq had no active WMD programme, and that the information was not passed to subsequent inquiries.

It describes how Naji Sabri, Saddam's foreign minister, told the CIA's station chief in Paris at the time, Bill Murray, through an intermediary that Iraq had "virtually nothing" in terms of WMD."

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So, based on the available evidence we can safely say that a war that cost trillions of dollars, caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries to military personel and civilians, caused a refugee crisis in Iraq and most of the surrounding countries, caused a civil war that is still going on and greatly reduced the living standards of most Iraqis was based on incompetence and lies.

Where is the accountability? Why are there no official criminal investigations? Where is the International Criminal Court? Why is the new US administration not seeking answers or holding anyone to account? The Obama administration, along with Israel, would like us to believe that the world must intervene over Iran's nuclear program. The sanctions that have been put in place, much like those used against Iraq prior to the invasion  are causing untold misery among the civilian population. And once again, it appears that US officials are not being completely honest about Iran's nuclear program.

At this poing the US and it's allies have no credibility on this issue. You simply cannot lie, cause untold death and destruction, refuse to accept any responsibility or pursue any accountability and then start lying again, about a different country and expect to be taken seriously. The Iraq war was an act of unprovoked aggression by several large countries against a smaller country, presumably over oil. If there is a military strike against Iran by the US, Israel or any of their allies it also will be an act of unprovoked aggression. In neither case, to date, is there any evidence to the contrary.
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