Just Because You're Dead Doesn't Mean You Can't Tweet : _Liveson Will Take Over for You

Is there life after death? On social media at least the answer is now yes. Starting, at some point, this month _LivesOn will be ready to start learning about you so that it can take over your Twitter account when you're gone.

According to Popular Science:
"In life, _LivesOn would be a private mirror account that learns your syntax from the tweets you're already writing. Once you die, the "executor" to your _LivesOn "will" decides whether or not to make that account public. (Presumably, if your social media presence was filled with updates on your flu status or whining about awards shows, your trustworthy friend or family member could elect not to foist your virtual Twitter twin on the public.)

According to NPR, it could even favorite and retweet for you. Nothing boosts the ego like when a dead person favorite's your wittiest tweet, right?

So far, more than 7,000 people have signed up for the service, though it's still in development.The Independent reports that it will launch sometime this year."

So, head on over to liveson.org and sign up for the only immortality you can be sure of (as long as the company doesn't go under.)
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