Is Facebook Secretly Working for Google +

Google+ didn't really take off as rapidly as Google had hoped. Google+ is good, but generally it doesn't do much that other social networks don't already do. Recently, Google has begun to force the issue. They've started automatically setting up Google+ accounts for anyone who uses other Google Services, such as GMail and YouTube.

At the same time this is happening, Facebook seems to be doing everything they can to force people off of Facebook. This includes tracking both users and non-users when they are not on Facebook, tracking text messages, charging page owners to get their posts seen, flooding users with ads (auto-play video ads coming soon), not to mention constantly changing increasingly complex privacy settings and frequent security breeches both within Facebook and 3rd party apps on Facebook.

It's almost as if Mark Zuckerberg is secretly working for Google. Maybe Google could make everyone's lives easier and just buy Facebook and turn it into Google+.  Google, after all, seems to have mastered the art of making money online while Zuckerberg is grasping at straws and alienating users in the attempt.
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