How Screwed is the Republican Party?

There are essentially two camps in the Republican Party.

There is the Karl Rove camp, which guided the GOP through the Bush years. It appears that large numbers in the GOP are smart enough to realize that following Rove is not a good long term strategy. Via Atlantic Wire:
"Karl Rove was loathed and respected by liberals as an evil political genius for using anti-gay marriage amendments to turn out conservatives in 2004, particularly in Ohio. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But now Republicans have been stuck with an increasingly unpopular position for almost 10 years, something Rove has a habit of forcing them to do. Gay marriage is especially unpopular with young people — 81 percent of people under 30 support gay marriage, according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll released Monday. Fifty-eight percent of adults support gay marriage, up from 32 percent in 2004. Hillary Clinton, wife of the man who signed the Defense of Marriage Act into law, announced her support for gay marriage Monday. 

There is evidence Rove's anti-gay marriage campaign wasn't even that great an idea back in 2004. Former Bush aide Matthew Dowd denies that gay marriage actually boosted turnout in Ohio. And while Republicans blame gay marriage for young voters' dislike of the GOP, young voters started to move away from the party in 2004, and the movement only grew in 2006, as New York's Jonathan Chait points out."

The problem is that ousting the Karl Rove camp isn't that helpful because this is the other camp:

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