Fox and CNN's Steubenville Coverage: Sympathy for the Devil?

(Trigger Warning)

Below are two videos, one from Fox and the other from CNN about the conviction of two of the accused in the Steubenville rape trial. Fox went so far as to allow the name of the victim to be aired, for which they should be charged criminally (if possible) and sued civilly by the victims family. That is not really what I find most striking though. All of the sympathy, in both accounts, seems to be for the criminals and not the victim.

The main stream media in the United States, and here in Canada to an extent, has seemed out of touch for quite awhile now. Coverage of events like Occupy Wall Street, Idle No More, the G20, Arab Spring, and even the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq shows that they simply don't know how to deal with unscripted events. Someone has to be there to tell them what they should be thinking, what they should be reporting and which aspects of the issues they (and their "experts") should be focusing on.

The events in Stuebenville seem to be just another indication of how far gone they are. Based on these reports I have to assume that they identify more with the rapists. Perhaps it is because they are the types of people they identified with in school or perhaps they are the type of young people they are used to dealing with now. In any case the MSM meme seems to be that the victim is doing fine and getting on with her life but the unfortunate rapists lives are ruined.

It is, at any rate, a clear demontration that there is a culture of rape in North America and that it is a part of so-called "main stream" culture.

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