Coming Soon: New Previews from Doctor Who, Game of Thrones & More

Winter has been pretty weak for television for me this season. The diminished (and possibly doomed) Community and the Walking Dead are all that I'm really trying to keep up with right now. That will change soon though. Doctor Who returns on March 30, the day after that Game of Thrones is back, a week after that Mad Men returns, Bates Hotel (which seems like it might be good) premieres tonight (I won't watch it tonight, I never see anything when it's actually 'on') and there is news on the next season of Sherlock, which is sadly, still a ways off.

First, via /Film here's a new trailer and two previews for Season 3 of Game of Thrones:

Via Blastr here's two new peeks at what we can expect from the Doctor this season: (You should also check out io9 for some more info on upcoming Who stuff, Thrones stuff and more.)

Here is the trailer for Bates Hotel (the television series prequel to Psycho)

if that captures your interest you can watch the first 6 minutes of the first episode below (again this premieres tonight, so you could always go get the whole episode).

And here, via Enstarz is a peek at the new series of Mad Men:

Finally check out Blastr for some hints about what's coming from the third season of BBC's Sherlock.

Let me know if there's anything you're watching that I should be (but don't say Boardwalk Empire or Breaking Bad because I've seen at least one full season of each and am not interested.)
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