Arizona Turns to Shotgun Socialism

Tuscon, Arizona mayoral candidate Shaun McClusky has announced a plan to cut crime. He wants to hand out free guns in high crime neighborhoods (what could possibly go wrong)?

Via the Arizona Daily Star:
"Operating on the premise an armed neighborhood is a safer neighborhood, a group led by former mayoral candidate Shaun McClusky is raising money to purchase shotguns and provide training for anyone who lives in a mid- to high-crime neighborhood and can pass a background check...

McClusky said the shotguns will be single-break-action guns that can hold only one shell. Pump-action shotguns have been considered, but that will depend on cost. For now, each gun will cost $205, which includes a box of ammunition. With the training and background checks included, McClusky estimates it will cost about $350 to $400 per person.

McClusky said his group won't be making the same tactical error as Mark Kelly did recently - buying weapons not for their own use. Instead, they will donate the money for individuals to fill out the background checks and purchase the weapons for themselves."
There are a number of points that I could pick on here. First, high crime neighborhoods tend to also be poorer neighborhoods and if you give poor people money to buy a shotgun, they likely won't buy a shotgun with it. Some of them may consider rent or even things like groceries more important than a gun.

Setting that aside though, doesn't this plan sound an awful lot like socialism? There may be a lesson in this for left-wingers. If you want people in red states to embrace socialism, start with things they can relate to like guns, bourbon and white, hooded robes.
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