A Do Not Call List that Works: Blocking Telemarketers

In an effort to reduce annoying telemarketing calls both Canada and the US in 2004. However, they haven't always worked as promised. Some offshore telemarketers simply ignored the list, some apparently purchased the list and used it to obtain phone numbers. It takes awhile for your number to be officially added to the list and if you change numbers you also need to re-register. There are also numerous loopholes and exemptions that allow some companies and organizations to call any way. The bottom line is that people on the do not call list can expect more calls, not fewer.

However, there is a way to stop telemarketing calls that actually works. If you have a VOIP phone there is software that allows you to block certain incoming calls. Exact methods vary depending on the kind of VOIP system you are using but it is available, as far as I know, on all systems. Even if it is not built in, additional software can be added to make it possible.

This can be done either by blocking individual numbers or by blocking entire area codes. What we need now, to go along with the do not call list is a list of phone numbers registered to call centres so that it can be downloaded and imported - a do not call list that actually works.
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