How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse (plus New Walking Dead Teaser)

Today io9 posted their regular letter's feature Postal Apocalypse. One of the questions that was sent in to them was "can zombie's get drunk?" The answer of course is 'who cares, it doesn't matter, have you seen them walk normally?' However, it did remind me of a much more important question: Can zombie's swim?

The answer, I think, is 'no'. They don't seem to have the motor skills that would be required. True, they don't seem to need air and could walk along the bottom of a body of water, but they would need a good reason to and would risk being swept away by the current. This, it seems to me, is one of the under-noticed weaknesses of zombies. I can't remember anyone in any zombie film trying to use water as a barrier.

Assuming that I'm right (which I usually do) surviving the zombie apocalypse gets a lot easier. In short, when the zombie apocalypse comes, I'll meet you at Alcatraz Island.


As you can see, it features:

  • Lots of natural and man made barriers such as high walls, cliff faces and a strong ocean current on every side.

  • Green areas for gardening as well as large indoor spaces for hydroponics and recreation

  • Lots of prime solar panel locations

  • A dock and easy boat access to the California coast (in case someone needs to make a Twinkie run).

Zombie apocalypse solved! oh ... and here's that new Walking Dead teaser ...

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