Don't Blink: News Roundup for January 3rd, 2013

In the information age we are inundated by news and trivia, Don’t Blink is a regular featured designed to hilight a whole bunch of stories you may have missed in a relatively small amount of space.


Canada's money is melting, but the Bank of Canada doesn't want to talk about it (national security you know). Also Idle No More is continuing to grow (well beyond Canada's borders), Canadians are losing faith in the mounties, Stephen Harper thinks Columbia needs more guns and the Ontario Liberals don't like teachers very much.

United States:

South of the Border the government has cleared the fiscal cliff but there are more cliffs to come. With that hurdle cleared though Obama is prepping for immigration reform. Meanwhile the Republican party continues to fight with the Republican party and the Republican party is losing but the GOP seems united in being pro-rape. In Arizona a bad, racist, immigration reform bill is costing the state millions annually and the state is now trying to ban satire. In California and Illinois employers can no longer demand your Facebook password, The states that have passed "stand your ground laws" have seen a rise in the murder rate, gay people are finally getting married in Maryland, the Dust Bowl is making a comeback in farm country and some people really don't get the whole school shooting thing.

The Other 95% of the World:

The UN says that 60,000 people have died so far in Syria, Argentina still wants the Falkland Islands, Israel really doesn't want peace, China is getting serious about pollution monitoring, and Indonesian men apparently just can't handle the site of a woman straddling a bike.


In science this week, the patent system is broken, the Milky Way is home to an estimated 100 billion planets, but we may not get to visit them if space causes Alzheimer's, if we can overcome that though it may be possible to store unlimited fuel on a starship. Also future rovers may look like this, Europe is planning ambitious space projects, we found a wet piece of Mars in the Sahara Desert, and a cold has been found that is colder than any cold ever measured. In other news, cave men did animation, corn syrup may be behind the obesity epidemic, panda blood may deliver new antibiotics and 3D printing is getting better and better.


Religion was very busy this week hating gay people a lot. Religion also killed some teachers, because they were women and had some of their banking privileges revoked.


Finally this week, watch out for naked swordsmen in San Jose, violent sausage thieves in Ontario, and Oompa Loompas in the UK.

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