180,000+ Social Media Experts on Twitter Alone

If you are really good at social media, you don't need to say so in your profile. However the idea of using Twitter or Facebook for a living is appealing to many, that's the best explanation I can give for the number of people who claim to be Social Media 'ninjas', 'gurus', 'experts', 'masters', 'mavens', 'specialists', etc.,

According to Ad Age the total number is 181,354, a number which is still going up despite the fact that social media (at least in the commercial sense) is in decline. In the decade since Myspace launched some companies have done well with social media, and some have done poorly but despite the billions of dollars and countless hours pumped into it, I don't think that social media has decided the fate of a single company. As far as I know, no failing company has recovered because of it and no successful company has failed because of it.

You would think that, with all those ninjas, gurus and experts out there that there would be a long list of success stories, but the only companies that seem to be making much money from social media are social media marketing firms.

Social media does and always will have it's place. It allows us to be where things are going on in the world, it allows us to share news and information. It allows people to express their opinions in a way that those in power can hear but social media and money simply don't seem to go together.

However, if you feel like writing a fat cheque I'd be only too happy to make you a Facebook page:

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