Woman Subdued with Taser for Trying to Buy Too Many iPhones

A New Hampshire woman who attempted to buy 4 iPhones (2 each on 2 consecutive days) was subdued with a taser and arrested for violating the Apple Stores '2 phones per customer' rule. Via the National Post:
"Xiaojie Li, 44, bought two iPhone 5s at an Apple Store in Nashua, New Hampshire last Friday. She returned Tuesday to buy two more, later saying it was for family in China.

Apple Store employees refused to sell them to her as per the company’s two iPhones per person policy.

Apple says it doesn’t want iPhones going into the black market instead of into customer hands."

(Because that's how the black market works: You buy something for full price at a retail store and then sell it out of the back of your trunk in an alley somewhere.)

Apple Store employees certainly seem to have taken "Think Different" to heart but it is unclear when, exactly, capitalism started limiting how much of a product a consumer can buy, but perhaps she try switching to Android? As for the police, I'm sure that there was no way that four police officers could have subdued a middle aged Chinese woman without the use of weapons.

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