The Atlantic Wire Reads the NY Times So You Don't Have To

As you know, the New York Times is behind a paywall that "limits you" to 10 articles per month, unless you pay up. By now most of us have learned to get by without it. However, a column at the Atlantic Monthly will sum up the (worthwhile) contents of each day's paper for you.

Esther Zuckerman's "Trimming the Times: A summary of the best reads found behind the paywall of The New York Times." gives you the daily hilights and headlines. From there you can choose to read the article, skip it or find it from another (non-paywall) source.

Of course, if you need to exceed 10 articles/month Gizmodo will tell you how. The Future Journalism Project, Digital Inspiration,  and TechVibes will tell you how too and Business Insider will not only tell you how, they'll give you 7 different ways.

Feel free to try these methods with the Globe and Mail and, soon, Toronto Star.

Visit Trimming the Times and/or  just subscribe to the Atlantic Wire's RSS feed (they regularly have good stuff).
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