Sex Selective Abortion is Wrong, So is Sexism and Having Unwanted Children

Conservative MP Mark Warawa (Langley, BC) has tabled a motion in Parliament, M-408, condemning "sex selective abortion". The bill is not likely to come up  for debate until March. Critics of the bill claim that it is an attempt to reopen the broader abortion debate. Regardless of Warawa's protestations, they are correct. Warawa and the vocal supporters of this bill were also in favor of, anti abortion bill, M 312 and so have no real credibility on the issue.

Despite the fact that the bill does not seek to ban such abortions, only "condemn" them, the bill should be defeated. It is not that I am in favor of sex selective abortion, I am not. What I am truly agains though is the motive behind it and so long as the motive remains, the practice should not be banned. Why would Canadians want more girls born into and raised in households where girls are not appreciated or wanted? Why would we want girls to be born and raised by people who treat them as second class citizens in their own homes? Such people should not be parents at all, but much less the parents of girls.

According to Warawa's own numbers "...92 per cent of Canadians oppose the practice".  It is safe to say that sex selective abortion is already "condemned" in Canada. As for the remaining 8%, all we can do is hope that their coveted male children are either sterile or gay, so that they do not reproduce and continue the tradition of raising children (male and female) to hate women.

There is nothing "moral" about protecting girls in utero and then allowing them to live in a sexist environment. The Harper government, along with his back bench, need to abandon their, barely concealed, religious agenda and do more to help women who've already been born.
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