Make Holiday Beer Bread with My Drunk Kitchen

If you're like me (don't worry, you're probably not),  you don't really care very much about food. It's just fuel so you can keep doing the things you need to do. I can cook, if I must, but all I really need to know is how long to microwave the turkey for (I won't eat it anyway) or where the iron is so I can make the grilled cheese.

That's why, for me, My Drunk Kitchen is really the only cooking show in the history of cooking shows, worth watching. It's not so much a "cooking show" as suggested ways to entertain yourself with while you are drinking alone in the kitchen and who doesn't need that? (Beats staring at the ashtray right?)

Here is My Drunk Kitchen with Hannah Hart with a Holiday Beer Bread recipe (don't worry if you don't like beer bread, part of the recipe involves throwing it away.) Find more My Drunk Kitchen on the YouTube Channel or at

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