Kickstarter Project Wants to Put a Car Horn on Your Bike

Jonathan Lansey's Kickstarter project wants to replace you bicycle bell. Car horns are, first and formost, louder than car horns. Beyond that though, in some cases, drivers automatically /react to car horns.
Cycling in traffic can be frightening and dangerous. The Loud Bicycle horn prevents accidents by alerting motorists with a familiar sound. The safety benefits of the horn give more people the confidence to travel by bike.

Drivers react to car horns before they even know where the sound is coming from. A driver that gets beeped at while backing out of a driveway for example, will immediately brake. These kinds of reflexive reactions are perfect to keep cyclists safe. Some motorists don't realize that their driving habits can be dangerous for cyclists. Drivers will learn to be more aware of cyclists after a Loud Bicycle horn is honked at them.

As of this moment, the Kickstarter Project has raised just over half (22 of 43 thousand) of the goal with 28 days to go. (Via Boing Boing and I agree with Mark Frauenfelder - a car horn for pedestrians would be awesome).

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