Is 3D on Its Way Out Again?

3D has been coming and going since the 1950s. Each incarnation is slightly better than the last and each claims it is "here to stay". Now it appears that, despite the best efforts of the Queen, it is on its way out again. Boing Boing points to this post from the BBC where British cinematographer Oliver Stapleton points out the obvious problem. What has held 3D back has been 3D itself.
"3D is antithetical to storytelling, where immersion in character is the goal. It constantly reminds you you're watching a screen - and it completely prevents emotional involvement. Natural human vision bears no resemblance to 3D in the cinema."

In other words, when we watch a 3D film we are watching a magic trick. It is the effect that we come to see, not the story and it is stories that have drawn people to cinema and television for most of a century.

One day there will be fully immersive forms of entertainment, a sort of virtual reality. When that comes though it will, as video games have, enjoy success as its own medium and not as a 'new kind of movie'.
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