Help Restore the Traditional Meaning of Christmas with Krampus Cards

The kids at Boing Boing have stumbled across Monte Beauchamp's historical postcard book, Krampus: The Devil of Christmas. It comes with 2 cards each in 10 different designs, showing off the talents of Krampus - one of the all time top 5 supernatural Christmas beings.

Krampus was, until less than a century ago, the anti-Santa. Bad kids didn't get a lump of coal, they were rounded up by Krampus and delivered directly to hell.

"The evening of December 5th was Krampusnacht, when Krampus would descend upon villages to terrorize youngsters who wondered with horror whether their transgressions over the past year warranted a one way trip to hell in a hand basket."
You can see more of the cards and find ordering information at Boing Boing.

Now that he's making a comeback, the Krampus has also gone 21st century and got a web page. You can visit him, find other Krampus goods, view a gallery and send free e-cards at Help restore traditional values and stop the war on Christmas, support the return of Krampus!
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