Harper Government Gets an "F" from Democracy Watch

Remember when Stephen Harper was the head of the official opposition? Remember how he railed against the Liberals for being corrupt and secretive? Remember when he was going to fix corruption and make government transparent and accountable?

It's been 6 years since the Harper Conservatives "Federal Accountability Act" became the law of the land and today, to mark that anniversary, Democracy Watch gave his government an F for taking a few small steps forward and several large leaps backward.
"“The many federal Conservative dishonesty, secret unethical lobbying, excessive secrecy, conflict of interest, and donations scandals in 2012, and the broken promises and inaction detailed in the Report Card, make it clear that another Accountability Act is needed to close dozens of loopholes and clean up the federal government,” said Tyler Sommers, Coordinator of Democracy Watch.

“The corruption, ethics and spending scandals that have occurred in the federal government and almost every province and territory in the past year are likely the tip of a large iceberg of wrongdoing in government in Canada, and yet Canadian politicians continue to refuse to close loopholes in rules and to strengthen enforcement and penalties,” said Sommers

“Overall, the federal government’s democracy and accountability enforcement system is the scandal because, among many other highly questionable activities, it is still effectively legal for a lobbyist to do what Karlheinz Schreiber did — to fundraise for and make secret donations to nomination race and party leadership candidates, to lobby in secret, to make secret, fixed deals with Cabinet ministers, their staff, handpicked Cabinet patronage appointees and government employees, and for everyone involved to be dishonest about their secret, unethical relationships,” said Sommers."

Read the full report at Democracy Watch.

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