Happy 84th Birthday to Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomksy may be the greatest living American. Just have a look at the Wikipedia entry and see how many people you can think of that come close to matching his cv. Sadly, my guess is that if you took a poll most Americans would not know who he is. I suspect that of those people who "do know" who he is that more people would be wrong than right.

Chomsky is not a favorite of politicians of either party, he is also not news friendly. He does not fit within the confines of what is tolerated in the left / right media debate and his ideas do not fit nicely into 30 second sound bites.

At 84 let us hope that he defies the odds of life expectancy for as long as possible, because with Howard Zinn already departed, there is no one on the horizon to take his place.

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