Facebook to Implement Autoplay Video Ads in 2013

Have you ever visited a website and had a video, worse a commercial, start playing as soon as the page opened? According to Atlantic Wire that will be Facebook in April of next year.
"Facebook will unveil a new video ad product that will auto-play commercials upon arrival, executives told AdAge's Jason Del Rey. This most annoying addition, which will allow advertisers a chance to slap unsolicited videos all over the Facebook news feed, is expected to launch by April 2013, the sources say. And, to reiterate, yes, these will be the same variant of videos that pollute the ESPN.com homepage — the ones that start without you asking them to. Facebook, which has been trying just about every kind of new ad it can this year, has not yet decided if these commercials will automatically play with or without sound. But in either case, you can bet they'll be a pain — and you can expect plenty of frustrated users."

I'm sure that a workaround or hack to prevent this will happen. Sadly, the thing has to be implemented before anyone can find a way to hack or block it. Stay tuned ...
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