Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy Free Online

The next time you are feeling out-nerded or have simply forgotten a key point from a story you are trying to remember, visit sf-encyclopedia.co.uk. While most sci-fi and fantasy books, shows, video games, comics etc., have their own wiki somewhere out there on the interwebs, the Encyclopedia of Sci-Fi / Encyclopedia of Fantasy is a more comprehensive (and respected) source.

From the home page:
"The Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997), edited by John Clute and John Grant, was conceived as a sister volume to the second edition of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (1993) edited by John Clute and Peter Nicholls. For contributing and consultant editors, plus further publication details, see Title Page and Copyrights. The Encyclopedia of Fantasy won the Eaton Award for best critical book, the Hugo Award as best related book, the Locus Award as best nonfiction, the Mythopoeic Award for general fantasy scholarship and the World Fantasy Award in the category Special Award: Professional."
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