Don't Blink: News Roundup for December 2

In the information age we are inundated by news and trivia, Don’t Blink is a regular featured designed to hilight a whole bunch of stories you may have missed in a relatively small amount of space.
After being one of only 9 countries to vote against Palestine's admission to the UN Canada officially threw a temper tantrum that could set Canada's international reputation back by  decades. Canada is now firmly to the right of the US on Israel. Meanwhile Elections Canada is preparing to investigate robocall complaints in 56 ridings across Canada.

In the US Bradley Manning, accused of sending thousands of classified documents to Wikileaks is about to go on trial. The drought that has plagued much of the central US shows no signs of letting up soon (this will show up on your grocery bill). The birth rate in the US has hit a record low, this may be due to the availability of birth control which has also decreased abortion rates. The FCC has also made a ruling that will allow even stronger media monopolies in that country.

Meanwhile, in the other 95% of the world : Palestinians are happy, pledges to fight global warming are not enough and even those pledges are not being met, the British government will not fund your school if you teach fairy tales as fact,   and Egyptians are preparing for a possible referendum on a controversial new constitution. And in Italy, a lost Da Vinci has been found (sort of).

In science and technology news, everything you eat officially causes cancer, but jellyfish may hold the cure to cancer (and even the key to immortality). Science seems to have quantified sea level rise due to global warming, and math may know how many aliens there are in the universe. Human ancestry is being traced using fossilized poop, and every living thing on Earth is probably related. Say hello to your weird cousin. Also, there are rivers in the sky.

Finally, the BBC reports that scientists have made a robot powered by poo, the World Weekly News says that vampires are running amok in Chicago, the Serbian government says that they have vampire problems too and North Korea has found a unicorn lair.

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