Don't Blink: News Roundup for December 19, 2012

In the information age we are inundated by news and trivia, Don’t Blink is a regular featured designed to hilight a whole bunch of stories you may have missed in a relatively small amount of space.


In the wake of the massacre in Newton, Connecticut Canada's gun lobby is pressing for more relaxed laws and in some cases they are getting their way but PM Harper says that everything is fine. Meanwhile, Harper's government came under fire from two different UN agencies this week. The government was taken to task by the UN and Amnesty International for Canada's treatment of aboriginals and by UNICEF for defeating a bill to provide generic drugs to the third world. Meanwhile, in Ontario - Daulton McGuinty who unilaterally forced a contract on teachers recently asked them to please come back to the bargaining table. Meanwhile, the candidates to replace McGuinty as Liberal leader, many of whom served in his cabinet, have never heard of him. And two people have been charged in that most Canadian of all crimes, a 14 million dollar maple syrup heist.


In the United States, most of the talk has been about fiscal cliffs and guns. President Obama is promising tougher gun laws while gun nuts continue to pretend that more guns make for safer streets, they are wrong.  While parents wait, more and more of them are buying bulletproof backpacks for their children. In other news, a New York artist is facing 56 charges for making fun of the NYPD.

The Other 95% of the World:

In Germany, some mail has been delivered 71 years late, Saudi Arabia is looking to import water after abusing their own supply, UN health care workers are being shot in Pakistan, Syrians are adopting the Israeli pass time and bombing Palestinians, after 10 years of war Iraq's orphans could become the next generation of terrorists and Mexico is hoping to profit from the apocalypse.


Science has found a 84 million year old sea monster, and a whale thought (wrongly) to have been extinct for 2 million years, three habitable zone planets around a single star and a possibly habitable planet just 12 light years away. Science also figured out how to treat wastewater with onions. Oh! We all probably live in a computer simulation just fyi.


Religion has succeeded in making it harder to get birth control for some people, because birth control could thwart the will of god (unlike the Pope's bulletproof car) and taught more people how to use guns. Also, the Dead Sea Scrolls are now online and "Unbelief is now the world's third largest 'religion'".


In closing here is a cartoon that you can use for whatever mass shooting tragedy has happend most recently.

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