Don't Blink: News Roundup for December 13

In the information age we are inundated by news and trivia, Don’t Blink is a regular featured designed to hilight a whole bunch of stories you may have miss.ed in a relatively small amount of space.


Those jets that were going to cost 16 billion (later revised to 25 billion) are actually going to cost about 46 billion (about $1,400 per Canadian). In Ontario, Dalton McGuinty came out of hiding long enough to say that teachers strikes were a small price to pay for his heavy handed attempt to break the teachers union and it is ok to be a sex offender and a doctor. In the courts, Federal Conservatives are pretending to be the victims in the voter suppression case.


In the United States, President Obama is being urged to back off of legal pot sales, and a growing number of Americans want less Jesus and more about Krampus. One of the Republicans lesser known rape candidates, says he lost the election because of the media, drug runners are becoming less reliant on mules and using cannons to get drugs across the border, the US government is mad at Europe's largest bank for laundering money for terrorists, but they're not mad at mining and energy companies for trying to poison you and Fed Ex has been ripping everyone off for years.

The Other 95% of the World:

The world got together to discuss putting the UN in charge of the internet, then the world decided that it was a shit idea and went home.

In the UK drugs are bad, but so is government snooping, the Church of England is still doing its best to drive people away, Christianity is on the decine but the Jedi are on the rise. In the last UK census, Jedi Knights outnumbered pagans, wiccans, atheists and agnostics combined. Also, an investigation is underway on the torture of Iraqi prisoners and, as it inevitably would, 'Gangnam Style' has finally killed someone.

Libya has put it's former Prime Minister on trial, showing it to be more progressive than the many western countries that have not, yet, put their Prime Ministers on trial. Mali's PM has been arrested but has yet to stand trial, gay marriage became legal in at least one Mexican state.

Science and Technology:

And people are starting to wonder if we could beat global warming by randomly experimenting with the atmosphere based on theory, with very little idea about the outcome.

Scientists began looking for life in a lake that has been buried under ice for hundreds of thousands of years.

Fossils have been found that may represent some of the earliest land animals and homosexual fish are apparently more attractive to females. A new species of primate has been found, the first extraterrestrial river system has been photographed and the number of exoplanets discovered to date, represents an exploration of less than 1% of the visible sky.

Science has figured out how to run lamps using gravity power, figured out how to turn urine into brain cells and created a machine that may cure TB.


Not to be outdone by that upstart Science, religion didn't hold still either. US evangelicals are feeling let down by Republicans, some extra hate is being spread around New York subways, some more people were arrested for blasphemy and hating gays may not be enough, there are 76 things banned in that section of the Bible including mistreating foreigners, getting tattoos and trimming your beard.

A & E

Ravi Shankar has died, then there was that time Nico (of Velvet Underground fame) played with Bauhaus, and PBS's American Masters series is now free online.

Finally UFO sightings are way up and doctors are finally going after the Tooth Fairy for malpractice (and it's about time too.)

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