Conservatives Quietly Aid Black Market Weapons Dealers

Last week, while the Conservatives were gifting Canada's lakes and rivers to polluters and selling the oil patch to China, you may not have noticed that they were also violating international arms conventions and aiding gun smugglers.

From the CBC:
"The Conservative government has quietly shelved rules on serial numbers for guns that would have helped keep Canada in compliance with its international conventions on arms smuggling.

The decision came through an order-in-council — a cabinet decree — that was not formally announced by the Harper government but has been posted among dozens of other orders on the Privy Council Office website.

A single paragraph on the website states the long-delayed regulations, which were scheduled to come into force on Dec. 1, "are being deferred.""

However, while the Conservative Government has been very shy about explaining the move to Canadians, the CBC also reports that the gun lobby was informed of the move a month ago. This move comes under the portfolio of "Public Safety Minister" Vic Toews who, once again, raises doubts that he really understand's what "public safety" means.
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