Coming This Christmas: The Queen, in Breathtaking 3D

When 3D TVs came out the general consensus was that there was no point. Consumers didn't buy 3D TV sets because there wasn't much content available in 3D, content producers didn't make much in 3D because not enough people had 3D TVs to justify the (considerable) added cost of producing 3D content.

Today the paradigm has shifted, and those who bought 3D TVs will feel fully justified in their purchases. According to the BBC, this years Christmas message from the Queen will come at you in glorious 3D.

"The Queen has recorded her Christmas Day broadcast to the UK and Commonwealth in 3D for the first time, Buckingham Palace has said.

Her use of the technology comes 80 years after George V first broadcast a Christmas speech on the radio and started the December 25 tradition.

A spokesman said the Queen has watched the 3D message, produced by Sky News, and thought it "absolutely lovely"."

Surely, this is the kind of thing that inspired you go get a 3D television in the first place.

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