A Pile of Statistics on Americans and Their Guns

The CBC and Atlantic Wire both did statistical breakdowns of gun ownership and gun crime in the US today. Sadly I cannot easily paste their statistics in here. They both use complicated sets of charts, however, studying them can tell you all kinds of interesting things. Such as:

  • Gun violence is actually down in the US

  • Protestants are more likely to be armed than atheists

  • Despite Hollywood stereotypes white women are more likely to own guns, in the US, than black men or hispanics.

  • The less educated you are, the more likely you are to have a gun (comforting thought).

  • The number of privately held firearms in the US is almost 90 times the number owned by the US military, and more than 270 times the number owned by all US law enforcement, combined.

  • In total there are 88.2 privately held firearms in the US, per 100 people

And way, way more ...

So, just in case you ever need them, bookmark

The Demographics of Gun Ownership, Nate Silver-Style
By the numbers: Guns in the U.S.

And, while I'm listing resources, here is the basic argument against gun control in the US, as made by Archie Bunker almost 40 years ago (hasn't really changed):

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