The Universe is Ending

No need to put your affairs in order just yet, we probably have a trillion years left, give or take a few weeks but, according to Scientific American the creative power of the universe has peaked and is on the wane.
"...95% of all the stars we see around us today were formed during the past 11 billion years, and about half of these were formed between roughly 11 and 8 billion years ago in a flurry of activity. But the real shocker is that the rate at which new stars are being produced in galaxies today is barely 3% of the rate back 11 billion years ago, and declining. This indicates that unless our universe finds a second wind (which is unlikely) it will only ever manage to produce about 5% more stars than exist at this very moment.

This is, quite literally, the beginning of the end."

For those of you who like to plan ahead and don't want to wait until the last 10 billion years to start making preparations, you may want to revisit Discovery Magazine's How to Survive the End of the Universe. It is probably also a good time to remind you that our galaxy is due to collide with the Andromeda galaxy in only 4 billion years. Remember, if you don't support space exploration the terrorists will win.
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