Organize Your Bookmarks Visually With Symbaloo

This is sort of an ad, but not a paid one. I used to use iGoogle as a start page on my browser. I never really paid much attention to it though, it was just a starting point. iGoogle became defunct long before Google officially decided to pull the plug. I asked around about alternatives and found Symbaloo. Symbaloo allows you to organize your bookmarks, including streaming media, RSS feeds and web addresses visually so that your most frequently visited sites are a click away when you open your browser.

So, after opening the browser, with a few clicks you can open GMail, Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader. You can also create additional tabs for specific purposes and then share them. For example, I've created a research tab and a media tab (for radio stations etc). Once made you can share these tabs with other Symbaloo users. If someone liked my research tab they could simply add it and then, if it didn't quite meet  their needs, they could edit and modify it. This allows users to benefit from the expertise and work of others.

Because Symbaloo is a web site rather than an app, you can log in and access your bookmarks from any computer anywhere.

Generally a start page is just that, a jumping off point, so what better use for it than organizing the places you're most likely to want to jump to?

p.s. you can also grab, and freely modify, my media tab here - each of the links leads to either (free, legal) streaming media, downloadable media or directories of media. 

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