MacX and WinX DVD Ripper Pro are Free to Download in November

Via LifeHacker:
While these programs don't offer many more features, they do make ripping DVDs somewhat easier, particularly if you aren't as tech savvy. Getting Handbrake running requires some extra steps, and its interface isn't always the most user-friendly if you don't know what you're doing. MacX and WinX DVD Ripper just require you to put in the DVD, tell them what device you're going to play it on (from iPhone to iPad to Surface to Galaxy and beyond), and pick the titles you want to rip (which is easy with its easily accessible preview window). Best of all, the usually-$40 programs are free until November 30th.

To get a copy of either (or both) visit this link for Mac or this link for Windows, click on the "Get Licence Code" button and look at the bottom of the pop up window that opens for the download link and activation code.
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