Free Service Aims to Make Music Social

There are a lot of streaming music services out there, some of them are expensive and some of them are mobile only. has what is, as far as I know, a unique approach. First of all it's free, which is nice. The thing that sets it apart as a music service though is that there is no music on the site. Instead you add tracks from other services. So, for example, you can add tracks from YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and others.

After adding tracks you can sort them into playlists, stream them and share individual tracks or entire lists with friends on Whyd as well as Facebook, Twitter and other sites.

According to MediaCaster the WHYD also plans to offer benefits to artists (and fans):
“The idea is that when a music lover adds a track, she is presented with things related to the artist, upcoming shows in her area, new merchandise, rare edition records, etc. The mechanism stays with the track, so when a song is being played/added anywhere on the site, the purchasing opportunities are displayed."

Currently the site has a "request an invitation" button on the front page but this link should let you skip that step.

If you have any thoughts, or have experience with Whyd please share. If you're just jumping on you can find my brand new, shiny profile here..
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