Don't Blink: News Roundup for November 20

In the information age we are inundated by news and trivia, Don't Blink is a regular featured designed to hilight a whole bunch of stories you may have missed in a relatively small amount of space.

The latest conflict in Gaza has spilled into cyberspace. Israeli hackers obtained and released credit card information from a Palestinian ISP, meanwhile a global attack has been launched against Israeli sites including a leak of Israeli officials personal information by Anonymous. The United States, UK and United Nations are trying to end the conflict and calm nerves in the region. Meanwhile the Canadian government appears to be alone in taking sides. Don't worry though, Kim Kardashian is going to fix it.

If we had an honest or trustworthy government they would just announce this stuff but, under the circumstances, someone has leaked the Harper Government's foreign policy. The Harper government has also recently discovered that climate change is a real thing after all, they think it might be a bad thing. The World Bank is now warning that global warming is a threat to international development.

Meanwhile, China's ambassador to Canada has asked that governments either start proving allegations of Chinese espionage or STFU. Apparently China could, if they so desired, by better press. It appears that CNBC and the Huffington Post ran pieces bought and paid for by the Kremlin.

A new candidate has emerged in the OOPS Hall of Fame. Someone at Taliban headquarters inadvertently used CC instead of BCC on an email and revealed a list of Taliban press contacts and other parties friendly to the Taliban to the world.

In the United States Republicans have gone loopy after losing the White House for the second time and are now starting to eat each other.

Human Rights watch has called for an international ban on drone aircraft and other automated weapons.

Another oil company, Exxon this time, has destroyed more of Africa. The oil spill covers at least 20 miles at this point and has devastated the livelihoods of  local fishermen.

Scientists have confirmed that in the past, Mars had enough warm water to sustain life.

The people at MIT report that your mobile phone may one day be powered by friction, so you can drag it across a shag carpet instead of plugging it in.

I think that most people learned this either in a dorm room, or in their first apartment but for anyone who didn't manage to figure it out :: How to Use a Clothing Iron as Hotplate. Also, if you ever miss Twinkies you can make your own at home.

CBC Radio 3 is streaming Serena Ryder's soon to be released album Harmony for the next week.

Although it is surprising it has taken this long, the last typewriter has rolled off the assembly line in the UK.

UFOs have been reported over Denver Colorado. According to the World Weekly News it is part of an invasion force from the planet Gootan and the government is actively covering it up. Personally I suspect they just want to go skiing.

Finally, via Dangerous Minds, Craig Ferguson has figured out why everything sucks.

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