Behind the Scenes Footage From the Empire Strikes Back Unearthed

Trent Moore at Blastr has found new footage from a never-released Dutch documentary shot behind the scenes during the filming of the Empire Strikes Back. According to Moore, filmmaker Michel Parbot was given full access during the filming but his documentary was, for reasons unknown, never completed.

Star Wars has been in the headlines for the last few days because of its Disnification. It is important to remember though that George Lucas' prequels were more like Disney movies than Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean films and, no matter what happens going forward, it really takes nothing away from the first three films. If Jar Jar Binks didn't spoil the magic, nothing can.

Although the clips below contain only 15 minutes of the footage from the lost documentary, hopefully they help to remind you of why you were so excited by the movies in the first place.

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