Video: How to Create Your Own Shotgun Art with William S. Burroughs

William S. Burroughs liked guns, alot. He also liked art and he liked to create art using guns. Obviously, being Burroughs, his techniques varied a bit from those of, for example, Bob Ross. Via OpenCulture this is how Burroughs described "Shotgun Art":
"There is no exact process. If you want to do shotgun art, you take a piece of plywood, put a can of spray paint in front of it, and shoot it with a shotgun or high powered rifle. The paint’s under high pressure so it explodes! Throws the can 300 feet. The paint sprays in exploding color across your surface. You can have as many colors as you want. Turn it around, do it sideways, and have one color coming in from this side and this side. Of course, they hit. Mix in all kinds of unpredictable patterns. This is related to Pollack’s drip canvases, although this is a rather more basically random process, there’s no possibility of predicting what patterns you’re going to get."

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