J.R.R. Tolkien reads Namárië in Elvish

J.R.R. Tolkien liked words and history. He worked on word entomologies for the Oxford English Dictionary, produced dictionaries of Middle English, worked as a code breaker for the British during world war two and served as the professor of Anglo Saxon at Oxford's Pembroke College. During World War I he and his wife reportedly shared a secret code so that he could keep her abreast of his movements without alerting the Germans or the British mail censors. So when it came to his own writing it is, perhaps, not that surprising, that Tolkien created entire, working, languages with their own grammar and vocabulary.

Here (via Buzzfeed) is a recording of Tolkien reading Namárië in Elvish, the words in Elvish as well as an English translation can be found on the Tolkien wiki at toliengateway.net.


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