Video: 2 Dozen Universities Combine on 3D Map of the Universe

Need to feel small? Very, very small and insignificant? This video, demonstrating what you might see if you traveled through the universe at unimaginable speeds should do it. From Vanderbilt University:
The new map contains images of 200 million galaxies. For 1.35 million, it also includes spectra – the measurement of how the intensity of the light coming from a galaxy varies with wavelength, information that provides an estimate of its distance. The new map includes galaxies dating back to the time when the universe was half its present age. Its availability online was announced Aug. 8 by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III, an international consortium of two dozen universities including Vanderbilt.

Remember those are not stars whizzing by you but galaxies, each containing millions of stars.

also this:

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