The Original Sci-Fi Mag Amazing Stories is Returning and the First Issue is Free

Science fiction magazine Amazing Stories was first published in April 1926 by Hugo Gernsback. It is Gernsback for whom the Hugo Awards are named. For 80 years, until it ceased publication in 2006, Amazing Stories published some of the best short works of sci-fi in the world It also briefly inspired a Steven Spielberg produced television series from 1985-1987.

Five years after the magazine ceased publication, in 2011, the trademark was acquired by Steve Davidson who planned to revive the publication as an online magazine. Now Davidson appears close to doing that and has put together an editorial board that includes four former editors of the print magazine.

In preparation for the re-launch, The Experimenter Publishing Company, is currently offering everyone a chance to get a free, DRM-free, copy of the e-zine. According to Boing Boing:

Just visit and register to get your free copy.
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