Snag Films Promises 3,200 Free Indie Films

New ad supported startup provides free access to a wide variety of films that you are unlikely to see otherwise. As the cost of film production has continued to decline it is becoming more and more difficult for small, independent and emerging filmmakers to get their work seen.

According to Jesse Draper at Mashable:
In an exclusive interview with SnagFilms CEO Rick Allen, we discuss some of the issues that independent filmmakers face, including the highly competitive nature of the film festival circuit. Allen tells us that roughly 9,000 films are submitted to Sundance every year, and last year only 118 are selected.

To make the odds even lower, about 80% of those 118 selected films don’t end up getting a distribution deal. Clearly, the independent film distribution model is broken. You have a better chance of getting into Harvard (5.9% admittance rate) than Sundance.

Now there is an obvious and glaring problem for Canadians and others outside of the United States. Only about 1/3 of those films are available for world-wide viewing. However, all that really means is that you may have to finally learn how to get around geo-blocked content but that can be done.

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