Reality Threatening to Put Comics Out of Business Again

The news today seems to be leaning heavily toward the "you can't make this stuff up" side.

It started out with country star Randy Travis being arrested for driving while intoxicated after being found naked at the scene of an automobile accident. Travis is facing additional charges for making death threats against the troopers who arrested him. However for many country music fans such behavior is simply a "good Saturday night." That the incident occurred on a tuesday is really the only thing that makes it stand out.

The latest Olympic controversy involves an unofficial sport as two brands of condoms that were not created by Olympic sponsor Durex were found in the athletes village:
But condoms from two other manufacturers — Australian-based Ansell and British-based Pasante — were made available in the Olympic village, Radio Netherlands reported.

This, however, can be written off as marketing genius as the 'controversy" created will make those condoms the favorites of people who are unimpressed by the heavy handed tactics of Olympic Sponsors (read 'almost everyone').

The story of the day though comes from New York where Trojan set up a cart from which they planned to hand out 10,000 free vibrators. The rush for free sex toys had just begun when the whole thing was shut down by the New York Police Department - ensuring that Trojan got lots of publicity while getting to keep the vibrators. The staff Christmas party should be interesting this year.

If the news continues this way, with headlines that need no assistance it could cause a serious economic downturn for comics and comedy writers everywhere.

No spokesperson for the industry could be reached, but that's what the comments section is for.

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