Prequel Trailer for Lost Creator JJ Abrams new series 'Revolution'

I'm of two minds about the coming series from Lost Creator J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke (of Supernatural). The premise, 15 years into a world without any power, is interesting and the trailer looks good. Still, a good trailer indicates nothing. With any series or movie, if you can't put together 30-60 seconds that make it look good, you should stop before any more time or money is invested. It is also from J.J. Abrams and while Lost got off to a good start, it wound up becoming so mysterious and layered that I lost interest in the plot and characters about half way through season 3. So, I'll watch the first few episodes probably and wait for a good explanation as to how the world suddenly lost every power source of every kind simultaneously and permanently. Without that, very early on, Revolution will be, like his previous series, lost in more ways than one. (via Blastr)

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