Mitt Romney Would Outlaw Abortion in All Cases

In an interview today, Mitt Romney sought to distance himself and Paul Ryan from the medieval position on rape and abortion taken by Representative Todd Akin. In the interview with National Review Romney said:
“Congressman’s Akin comments on rape are insulting, inexcusable, and, frankly, wrong,” Romney said. “Like millions of other Americans, we found them to be offensive.”

However, in a 2007 CNN debate, posted by Buzzfeed today, Romney said that he favored overturning Roe vs. Wade and that he would be delighted to sign a bill banning all abortion. Paul Ryan's record on abortion is clearly on side with Todd Akin as well, with the "US National Right to Life" committee giving Ryan a 100 out of 100 for his anti-choice voting record according to CBC News.

But, just to make you feel a little better about the Taliban-style US plunge back into the dark ages here, via Boing Boing, is Mr. Bill Murray.

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