Does It Worry You When the U.S. Starts Talking About WMDs?

Today U.S. President Barack Obama warned that the American military would act if Syria uses chemical weapons against insurgents. Sure it's a different situation, and a different president but I get just a bit nervous when the US starts talking about chemical weapons or any "WMD". After the invasion of Iraq there is an obvious credibility problem with US intelligence. ( I mean this both in the sense that information gathered by US spies isn't very reliable and in the sense that an alarming number of Americans still believe that WMDs were found in Iraq.)

Apart from the credibility problem there is a bit of a hypocrisy problem. Since the 'War on Terror' began, the US has been a bit obsessive about WMDs, weapons in general, who has them and who wants them. However, it is worth noting that

I point all of this out because if you asked around globally, you'd find the US pointed to the most frequently as the biggest threat to peace, and the most likely to break the international agreements on warfare. If you point to any weapon that exists in the world there is a fair chance that it came from and/or was paid for by the United States. The U.S. is truly the country that delivers war to the world (along with the necessary supplies for it).

So yes, I understand that Barack Obama is not George W. Bush. At the same time, from a foreign policy perspective he is not vastly different. Yes he has been better domestically - for Americans - but the expected changes in international policy and renewed goodwill toward America never really materialized.

When I hear any US President say "if you do X we weill respond with force" what I hear is "We will attack, if it suits us and for reasons of our own." Any US involvement in Syria or any other country should only take place under the auspices of the United Nations. Without that US motives and the evidence used to justify the attack will, at the very least, be suspect.

But, to cheer you up here are the Doors performing Reading Rainbow ... ok it's really Jimmy Fallon but still ...

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