App.Net promises social media free of advertising and spam (for $50 / year)

Would you pay $50/year for a service like Twitter or Facebook? Dalton Caldwell is betting that you will if it means no advertising, no spam accounts and more tools. Even if the ads don't bother you, without them there is no reason to collect and store personal data - Via Technology Review:
Caldwell thinks the ad-supported business models adopted by Twitter and Facebook have encouraged those companies to create closed arenas that not only do a disservice to users but also choke online innovation. "Twitter created as fundamental a technical innovation as e-mail and HTML itself, and they totally blew it," says Caldwell. He draws an analogy with the early days of the Web, when Netscape got the medium started by releasing the first mass-market Web browser. "If Netscape had decided to build a proprietary ecosystem and become a media company supported by advertising, we wouldn't have the Web we do today," Caldwell says.

Update: Mark Zuckerberg's apparent intention to make Facebook the Wal-Mart of social media should help App.Net's case.
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