Justin Beach

I am a

Justin Beach

I am a US, Canadian dual citizen currently residing in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Over the years I have worked as a writer, researcher and web producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), PBS, Canadian Media Guild and many others. I am extremely eclectic in my tastes and interests, always curious and hungry for information.

  • beach.justin@gmail.com
  • www.justinbeach.ca
  • www.thereboot.ca

My Professional Skills

I am a competent writer on multiple topics including politics, science, technology, history, economics, business, music, film and television. I am a solid researcher, use reliable sources, and time permitting take a holistic approach to a topic, considering the impact of various disciplines. For example, I might look at the scientific, economic, social, historical, cultural, and psychological angles on a political subject. I am also an excellent fact checker, and proficient with WordPress and social media.

Writing 95%
Research 95%
Wordpress 80%
Social Media 75%


From simple blog posts to 200-page reports, I can write competently and accurately on nearly any topic.


The days are long gone when a simple Google search would answer a complex question. I am very good at finding accurate, reliable information from high-quality sources.

Fact Checking

Let me double-check your existing information before you publish or act upon it.


I can pick apart an issue, report, or policy and look at it from every possible angle.


I can monitor news and chatter on a variety of issues and send regular reports on new developments.


I can build quick WordPress sites and am very familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and other social media.